Soothing Face Mask

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For Soft, Clear & Rejuvenated skin
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  • 20g x 2 Soothing Face Mask
  • 15 min in-home facial enriched with pure Aloe Vera Gel and Derma Clera
  • Instantly deep hydrates, soothes and refreshes irritated skin
  • Helps in soothing skin inflammation and locking the healthy refreshed look all day long
  • Developed by Dermatologists
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Paraben and Sulphate free
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  • Hydration is a must for skin! With time, our skin cells lose the capacity to retain hydration, leading to dull, tired and dry skin.
    Kaya Youth Soothing Face Mask is the perfect solution to instantly soothe and refresh your skin. It contains Aloe Vera and is enriched with Derma clear that softens and soothes irritated skin and takes away tiredness to give instantly rejuvenated skin. Sheet mask enriched with the goodness of pure Aloe vera gel containing therapeutic properties, gently nourishes skin with intense hydration, removes dryness and soothes irritated skin thus making it instantly soft, clear and rejuvenated. This face sheet mask, is developed by Dermatologists who are the trusted International Skincare Experts, is paraben and sulphate free and is suitable for all skin types. Say goodbye to tired & irritated skin and get fresh, well-hydrated & healthier looking skin in just 15 minutes. Experience the 15 min magic mask while you relax at home Try out Kaya Youth Hydro Replenish Soothing Face Mask, With Aloe Vera and Derma clear to soothe & refresh tired skin.
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    Non-Stop hydration for healthy, radiant skin!


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    Soothing Face Mask


    There???s nothing more indulgent than slapping on a sheet mask when it comes to skincare routines. While a facial steam, face pack, or a simple oil massage is good enough to promote your skin health, sheet masks provide immediate relief and give you a vying glow. In short, they are a great go-to when your skin needs an immediate hit of hydration. So, if you???re looking to perk up your skin and also drive away irritation and other sensitive skin woes, pull over your search at sheet masks.

    Choosing the right face mask

    Honestly speaking, there are plenty of sheet masks available for your various skin needs. All you need to do is just search for sheet masks, and there you have a bevy of them, specially formulated to fix your skin concerns. But, too many varieties can confuse you to choose the right one! This is why picking the right one based on your skin type is a must. And once that???s done, devoting a bare minimum of 15 minutes will help breathe life into your skin. To help you simplify your search and also ensure that your skin health isn???t harmed, pick the Soothing Face Mask by Kaya Youth. It is crafted by dermats without using sulphate and paraben and gives you a salon-like facial at the cozy corner of your home.

    What can it do for you?

    Here are some excellent skincare benefits of Kaya Youth???s Soothing Face Mask and what it can do for your skin.

    1. Deeply hydrates the skin

    Hydration is vital to keep your skin looking healthy, bright, and beautiful. Not only does this face mask for sensitive skin help replenish lost moisture, but also soothes and softens your skin through the enrichment of derma clera. This, in turn, makes your skin supple and plum.

    2. Rejuvenates tired skin

    This dermat-developed face mask for sensitive skin is carefully formulated to suit all skin types. The thing is, our skin is made of 60% of water. With age, the derm slowly loses its ability to retain the moisture leading to worn-out and dull skin. That???s where this 15-minute Soothing Face Mask comes to rescue and transform your tired-looking skin.

    3. Soothes sensitive skin issues

    If you???re looking for a face mask to soothe irritated skin, then this is pretty much it. Yes, you???ve heard it right! It contains aloe vera gel that helps pacify skin inflammation, refreshes irritated skin, removes dryness, and lends a fresh look all day long. Additionally, it???s free from paraben and sulphate, which means sensitive skin folks can now heave a sigh of relief.

    Best time to use it

    The best time to use this face mask for sensitive skin is at night, right before you hit the bed. This is because it???s only at night that you unwind and space down for some me-time. This will help the skin cells to absorb the essential nutrition faster from the sheet mask and give you maximum results.

    Application tricks and tips

    Applying this face mask to soothe irritated skin is simple. Here are some top tips and tricks to ensure that you get the best benefits out of it.

    Accessible and affordable

    This face mask to soothe irritated skin is available at wonderful prices. The Soothing Face Mask is priced at a reasonable rate of ???125. Hurry and get the mask - clear, soft, and rejuvenated skin awaits you!

    Along with this face mask for sensitive skin, you can check out other Kaya products such as our replenishing face mask, brightening face mask, face mist, and much more.

    Frequently asked questions on soothing face mask

    1. How to make a calming face mask to soothe irritated skin at home?

    All you need is:

    2. What does a soothing face mask exactly do?

    Apart from clearing and soothing your skin issues, a soothing face mask also helps impart a healthy, lit-from-within glow to your skin.

    3. Are face masks good for sensitive skin?

    Yes, those made with 100% cotton are gentle on sensitive skin and do a brilliant job of nourishing as well as hydrating the skin.

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