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1. How do I join Kaya Youth Skin Health Rewards?

All you need is your email id and you’re good to go! Click here to sign up and start shopping to get rewarded for every single purchase.

2. How do I get the cashback?

Do what you love the most - start shopping for your skin health essentials. Get Rs. 100/- cashback on first-time registration and redeem 50% of the amount on your first purchase.

3. When will the rewards be added to my account?

Once your order is delivered, the cashback will reflect in your account! Get 10% cashback on each product you purchase.

4. How do I claim the cashback?

Just remember to sign in before you place your order. You will automatically earn cashback for every purchase you make. Just check your account after delivery!

5. How much cashback I can redeem in one go?

You can only utilize 50% of the cashback value available in your account on one transaction.

6. On what products are the cashback applicable?

All products, sitewide! Get all your favorite skin-health essentials with perks.

7. How do I view my cashback balance?

Visit www.kayayouth.com and log into your account. Click on the ‘cashback’ option on the left to display you cashback balance

8. Do my rewards expire?

One of the best things about Kaya Youth Skin Health Rewards is that they never expire because we believe in skin health for life.