24 Hour Non-Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion

250 ml

For Healthy, Hydrated & Glowing Skin
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  • Anti-Microbial properties that heals, protects and hydrates dry skin
  • Developed by Dermatologists
  • Fortified with 24 hour Moisture Lock formula
  • Strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier
  • Oxygen boost complex enhances oxygen supply to skin cells
  • Free from parabens, sulphates, SLS & mineral oil
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  • Everyday, indoor & outdoor environmental conditions, strip away your skin's essential moisture making it dull & dehydrated. Kaya Youth's Youthful Glow+ 24 Hour Non-Stop Moisturizing body lotion contains a unique blend of Vitamins, Moisturizers, cell energizers, anti-oxidants & sunscreens that replenishes skin moisture lost daily, giving you healthy, hydrated & glowing skin. This moisturizing body lotion is crafted by Dermatologists who are international skin care experts and is suitable for all skin types. This moisturizing body lotion is enriched with vitamins and coconut oil that has anti-microbial properties that heals, protects and hydrates dry skin and strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier from within. Oxygen is essential for your skin's health & to keep skin cells energized. With time, the supply of oxygen to your skin cells drops by almost 25%. Dullness, dark spots and dark patches are often the first few signs of this. Kaya Youth Body Lotion is fortified with Oxygen Boost complex that enhances oxygen supply in skin cells to give you youthful glowing skin. This body lotion for dry skin moisturises, nourishes and repairs skin & has a 24 hour Moisture lock formula. Kaya body lotion is for women and men and is free from parabens, sulphates, SLS and mineral oil. It is an ideal body lotion for dry skin. Also check out Kaya Youth's hand cream and pure moisturizing aloe vera gel.
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    24 Hour Non-Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion

    Body lotions happen to be the most important and non-negotiable body product in your daily skincare regimen. Like lip balms or face cleansers, moisturizing body lotions are a must to satiate the needs of your skin in order to keep it healthy and nourished. Moreover, it also safeguards your skin from all the environmental perils.

    Choosing the Right Body Lotion

    Selecting the right body lotion is vital because it helps your skin stay moisturized and healthy. The most important step is then to choose a body lotion that suits your skin type. Sure, your skin needs moisture when it is dry, but that doesn???t mean you ditch a moisturizing body lotion if you have oily skin. There is no compromise! So, whether it is greasy, dry, or sensitive skin, you need a body lotion that delivers utmost care by keeping it soft, supple, and nourished.

    Why Your Skin Needs a Body Lotion

    With age, the oxygen supply in your skin cells starts to reduce. This can result in deteriorating your skin health causing dark patches, uneven skin tone, dark spots, and even dullness. In addition to that, the lack of luster makes it appear pale and lifeless. Yikes! This is precisely why you need a moisturizing body lotion to keep your skin hydrated inside out. Moreover, moisturizing every day can lower the chance of developing extreme skin conditions like oiliness or dryness. Both these extremes can worsen the skincare woes.

    Enter the 24 Hour Non-Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion by Kaya Youth that undoes these skin damages and gives you a youthful glow.

    What It Can Do For You

    The body lotion for dry skin by Kaya Youth offers numerous skin health benefits. Here???s what makes this Kaya body lotion a must-have in your daily skincare regimen.

    1. Boosts oxygen supply

    The Kaya body lotion comes with an oxygen boosting complex that helps enhance the oxygen levels in your skin cells. Once the oxygen levels start improving, your skin automatically restores the healthy glow, giving you radiant, younger-looking skin. Now, isn???t that what you exactly want?

    2. Keeps dry skin issues at bay

    Got dry skin, then this body lotion for dry skin can be your perfect pick. It is fortified with a 24-hour moisture lock formula that seals your skin???s essential moisture and prevents it from dryness, itchiness, and irritation. With the addition of niacinamide, this body lotion keeps your skin healthy and firm and also prevents the chances of redness caused due to extreme dryness.

    3. Heals and protects the skin

    What sets this Kaya body lotion apart is that it is enriched with vitamins and coconut oil that are loaded with antimicrobial properties essential to protect, heal, and hydrate dry skin. The cell energizers present in the body lotion strengthens skin???s natural protective barrier from within and replenishes the lost moisture to give you healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin.

    4. Delivers more than any regular skincare

    When it comes to skincare, you sure must go for a dermat-tested body lotion. Besides, it needs to deliver much more than your daily skincare. In that light, this Kaya body lotion checks all the boxes, making it the best body lotion for glowing skin. It is designed by leading skincare experts keeping your skincare woes in mind. It is also free from parabens, sulfates, SLS, and mineral oil, making it safe for use on all skin types.

    Application Tricks and Tips

    Using this body lotion for dry skin is pretty simple. Please take a look at these few easy tips that will help you achieve the best results.

    Apply immediately: It???s true! To reap the most out of this body lotion for glowing skin you need to apply it soon after you shower. However, remember to not dry-rub your body.

    Apply thoroughly: Now, take a coin-sized amount in your palm and apply it evenly all over your body. Massage the lotion on your body in light circular motions, and you???re good to go.

    Best Time to Apply Body Lotion

    The best time to apply this Kaya body lotion is in the daytime just after taking a shower. It is the best match for your daily morning skincare ritual, as it will set your skin for the rest of the day and protect it from external stressors.

    Accessible and Affordable

    The Kaya body lotion for dry skin comes at affordable prices. The 24 Hour Non-Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion is priced at ???350. Get it today for radiant, younger-looking skin! Also check out our other Kaya skin products and acne treatment products for smooth, flawless, and healthy skin. You can also try our face oils, face toner, moisturizing aloe vera gel, and much more in our Shop section.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Body Lotion

    1. What is a body lotion used for?

    A body lotion is used to seal the moisture in your skin and keep it smooth, soft, and hydrated.

    2. Which is the best body lotion?

    Kaya Youth???s 24 Hour Non-Stop Moisturizing Body Lotion is the best body lotion for glowing skin.

    3. Can I wash off my body lotion?

    Yes, you can rinse off your body lotion while you are still showering.

    4. Should I use body lotion every day?

    Yes, you should use a body lotion every day to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized.

    5. How can I moisturize my body naturally?

    To moisturize your body naturally, you can either use honey or coconut oil.

    6. Can I use body lotion on my face?

    No, you should not use a body lotion on your face because it is specially formulated to take care of your body, and not your facial skin gave is more sensitive and delicate.

    7. Can I use a moisturizing body lotion on my underarms?

    Yes, you can use a moisturizing body lotion even on your underarms.

    8. Do lotions darken your skin?

    Lotions cannot make your skin darker but can make you appear slightly darker, if they are rich and greasy. The trick to using the right lotion lies in choosing one according to your skin type.