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Face Cleansers

CTM is the ABC of skincare. Cleansing, toning and moisturising. Let’s start with Cleansers - what they are and why they are essential for daily skincare:


Cleansers form the foundation for healthy skin and are must-haves. Even dermatologists recommend cleansers as a basic addition in any skincare regimen - whether it is your morning skincare routine or your pre-sleep, nighttime routine.

As we go through the day, various environmental factors such as air pollution, dust, dirt, and grime can take a toll on our skin. Moreover, internal factors like hormonal changes and excessive secretion of sebum from the skin glands caused by dryness can clog our pores. This unpleasant mix of dirt, pollution, and oil tends to remain on our face and clog our pores and prevents them from breathing freely. This leads to a slew of skin concerns such as acne breakouts, dull skin, dark spots and patches, and uneven skin tone.

So, the first step in treating all these skin concerns and keeping them at bay is to use cleansers to remove the residual grime and dirt from our face. In fact, cleansers form an integral part of your make-up removal routine- it cleanses your skin completely and gets rid of any residue make-up. Aren’t we all familiar with the dire consequence of letting make-up stay on the skin overnight?

If you have been experiencing skin concerns, sometimes the key is to use safe, dermat-crafted cleansers - if you haven’t been using them already, now is the time to make the switch. This can mean a world of difference for your skin.


First things first, you need to determine your skin type. If your skin shines owing to the excess oil on your skin, you need to use cleansers for oily skin. These cleansers will gently yet effectively remove the excess oil from the face and open up the pores to let your skin breathe. Moreover, they do an incredible job of preventing and combating skin concerns such as acne and pigmentation. On the other hand, if your skin is more dry than oily, choosing cleansers for dry skin will work wonders for your skin. Not only will they cleanse the face thoroughly, but also provide the much-needed boost of hydration and make your skin healthier.

We at Kaya Youth have cleansers for every skin type - whether oily, dry, or sensitive. As your skin health coaches, we have put together some of the best cleansers for you. Take a look at these amazing cleansers for oily skin and cleansers for dry skin that are crafted especially for you-


Refreshing Glow Face Wash: If you want something that deep cleanses dirt and oil while also delivering an intense boost of oxygen to the skin cells, then try this brilliant face wash for oily skin. It has been crafted by trusted international skin experts and provides deep cleansing to the skin without drying it out. It is suitable for all skin types but works like a charm for oily skin. With its unique micro-circulation complex, it will leave your skin fresh and squeaky clean. It is one of the perfect cleansers for oily skin and helps your skin remain youthful and glowing!

Oxy-Infusion Face Wipes: Among the best cleansers for oily skin are these oxygen-boosting face wipes. Gentle yet effective, they skilfully remove make-up, dirt, and oil from the face. These face wipes are developed by dermats, and possess the unique oxygen boost complex that energises the skin cells, reduces dark spots and patches, and revives dull skin. You can also use these face wipes to remove your stubborn eye make-up as they protect your skin and eye area from dryness and skin irritation and keep them moisturised.

Face Polishing Scrub: Sometimes, all you need is some ‘oxygen therapy’ for your skin while you deep cleanse it. Try this face scrub for oily skin by Kaya Youth that has been developed by dermatologists. It is enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Walnut shell granules, and Vitamin E that exfoliate and polish your skin to clear dead skin cells and unclog pores. If you want an instant youthful and healthy glow, then this cleanser for oily skin is ideal for you. And. It only takes two minutes! For best results, exfoliate no more than twice a week.


Hydrating Gentle Kaya Face Wash: If you want to deep cleanse your face while giving your skin the hydration it deserves, then this cleanser for dry skin is what you need. This gentle face wash for dry skin is developed by leading dermatologists, and it cleanses oil and dirt from your skin pores. Moreover, face cleanser comes with a unique Aloe Hydro Lock complex that retains moisture in your skin up to 24 hours. It is enriched with pure moisturizing aloe vera gel and energising beads to give you radiant, healthy, and clear skin.

Hydrating Gentle Cleansing Wipes: You can also try these face wipes enriched with Aloe Vera, mint oil and green tea extract to give your skin an intense dose of freshness while you deep cleanse it. Not only do these dermat-created wipes effectively remove your make-up, but they also easily remove dirt, pollutants, and skin impurities - all while giving your skin a good burst of hydration. Although these wipes are safe for all skin types, they are especially good for dry skin. They lock in hydration for 24 hours with their Aloe Hydro Lock complex - so you have hydration on-the-go!

You can now bid adieu to skin problems with our range of cleansers. Here are some Kaya Youth cleansers you must try out; pick out the best face cleanser online from these top picks:

Refreshing Glow Face Wash (100g + 50g Free)


Oxy-Infusion Face Wipes (30 wipes pack)


Face Polishing Scrub (100 gm)


Hydrating Gentle Face Wash (100 gm)


Hydrating Gentle Cleansing Wipes (30 wipes pack)


Cleansing Micellar Water (100 ml)


Also, explore the myriad range of Kaya products for various skin needs. From oily skin products to dark circles products to dull skin products, we have it all! We give you beauty and skin health that lasts!


1. What is a cleanser used for?
Face cleansers are used to remove make-up, dirt, oil, and other impurities from your face. There are both cleansers for oily skin and cleansers for dry skin.

2. What is the best facial cleanser?
The best facial cleanser for oily skin is Kaya Youth’s Oxy-Infusion Face Wipes, while among the best cleansers for dry skin is Kaya Youth’s Hydrating Gentle Face Wash.

3. Is a cleanser the same as a face wash?
A facial cleanser hydrates, purifies, and soothes the skin. Face wash is a type of cleanser, but focuses more on cleaning the pores.

4. Can we use cleanser daily?
If you have skin that’s on the dry side, then you can use cleansers for dry skin everyday. If your skin is shinier, then you can use some advanced cleansers for oily skin such as scrubs once a week along with your basic, every day skin cleansing.

5. How do I find the right cleanser?
You can choose a facial cleanser depending on your skin type. If you have dry or sensitive skin, then try Kaya Youth’s cleansers for dry skin. On the other hand, if you have oily skin, then you can opt for Kaya Youth’s cleansers for oily skin.

6. Do you really need a cleanser?
Yes, using a face cleanser is an absolute must in your daily skincare routine. Whether it is cleansers for dry skin or cleansers for oily skin, they need to be a part of your skincare.

7. Can I use cleanser instead of face wash?
You can begin with a face wash and then move on to other facial cleansers in your skincare regimen.

8. Why you shouldn't wash your face in shower?
You should probably avoid washing your face in the shower, as we typically use hot water for baths, which can strip the facial skin of its natural oils and cause dryness. Instead, it is better to use special cleansers for dry skin and cleansers for oily skin (depending on your skin type) after you shower.