Healthy Glow Face Serum

50 ml

For Dullness & Dark Spots
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  • Oxygen boost complex enhances oxygen in skin cells
  • Reduces dullness, spots, uneven skin tone and dark patches to give youthful glowing skin
  • Developed by dermatologists
  • Ingredients: Niacinamide, Evodia Fruit Extract & Vitamin E
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Goes to deeper skin layers and provides intensive care
  • Lightweight, Non-oily and Fast Absorbing
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  • Get youthful, glowing skin in 7 days with Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion range of products. Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Serum has a micro-circulation complex that gives you a youthful glow by enhancing oxygen supply to your skin cells.
    Kaya Youth's Face Serum has been specially developed by dermatologists who are trusted International Skincare Experts. Oxygen is essential for your skin health & to keep skin cells energized. With time, the supply of oxygen to your skin cells drops by almost 25%. Dullness, dark spots and dark patches are often the first few signs of this. Your skin needs a little more than your regular skincare and adding a boost of oxygen will make it stay youthful and glowing.
    Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion face serum for dry skin is a fast absorbing light and non-sticky serum that is infused with micro-circulation complex that enhances oxygen supply to skin cells, giving your skin a healthy, radiant, youthful glow.
    Our face serum for oily skin provides intensive care and works hard to reduce dullness, uneven skin tone and dark patches from skin. Kaya face serum goes to deeper skin layers and is ideal for all skin types. This face serum contains high active concentrate for intensive care to skin. Also, this can be used before applying cream, make up or stand-alone during day or night.
    Youthful, glowing & radiant skin is now yours. Try out the Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Serum now!
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    Healthy Glow Face Serum (50 ml)

    Most people have ingrained CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) at the center of their skincare routine. However, it still lacks a finishing touch, and a face serum is a perfect addition to this all-powerful mix. Face serums supply your face with ingredients needed to combat skincare issues like dark spots, wrinkles, and visible signs of aging. Moreover, they replenish your skin???s moisture, keeping it plump and hydrated.

    Why Your Skin Needs A Face Serum

    Constant exposure to the sun and other external stressors can result in skin discoloration and cause dark patches. Naturally, your skin will also start to lose its radiant glow, making you look dull and lifeless. Touted for their effectiveness in retaining skin moisture, face serums help keep skin issues at bay!

    While a day cream will do the job of protecting your skin against the harmful UV rays, it???s not enough. You will need to feed your skin with nutrients that not only lock in the moisture but also provide intense nourishment throughout the day. That???s reasoning enough for you to incorporate a face serum into your skincare regimen. Introducing you to the Healthy Glow Face Serum by Kaya Youth that fights on the forefront to reduce dullness and dark spots.

    What Can Face Serum Do For You

    Kaya Youth???s Healthy Glow Face Serum has umpteen skincare benefits. Please take a look at some of the reasons that make it beneficial for your skin.

    1. Face Serum pumps up oxygen levels

    As much as you need oxygen to breathe, so does your skin. It is essential to keep the skin cells energized and hydrated. The Kaya face serum for oily skin is formulated with oxygen-boosting molecules that are vital in restoring your skin???s health. It is infused with a micro-circulation complex that boosts the oxygen levels in your skin cells to give you a healthy, radiant look.

    2. Face Serum treats skincare concerns

    Dull, patchy, and uneven skin tone are a few among the many vital skin concerns that can leave you in a state of agony. Enriched with Niacinamide, Evodia fruit extracts, and Vitamin E, this Kaya face serum goes deep into your skin layers to reduce dullness, dark spots, and uneven skin tone, giving you youthful, glowing skin.

    3. Face Serum provides intensive care

    This dermat-tested serum for dry skin is lightweight, non-sticky, and fast-absorbing, making it ideal for all skin types. Its high concentration of nutrients provides intensive care and nourishment to your skin. Applying a serum underneath your day or night cream is a crucial step in bringing your parched and dull-looking skin back to life.

    Best Time To Apply It

    Owing to its lightweight and non-sticky texture, the Kaya face serum for oily skin can be applied during the day just before you use your day cream or make-up or at night before going to bed. It will keep the moisture intact in your skin, thus preventing dehydration.

    Application Tricks And Tips

    Applying this face serum is super-easy. All you need to do is keep a few tips in mind to make the most out of this serum. Below are some application tips for using this Kaya serum:

    Accessible and Affordable

            This face serum by Kaya Youth is available at delightful prices. The Healthy Glow Face Serum (50 ml) is priced at ???374. Now say hello to a glowing revolution!

            Also, don???t forget to check out other skincare essentials such as Kaya day cream, moisturizing aloe vera gel, radiance cream, etc. We have a wide range of uneven skin tone products, acne treatment products, dull skin products,         dark circle products, and much more to address most of your skin concerns.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does a face serum do?

    A face serum is a skincare product used to combat skincare concerns like wrinkles, dark patches, uneven skin tone, and more, to give you a radiant, hydrated, and youthful-looking face.

    2. Which is the best face serum?

    The Kaya serum is the best one out there as it???s not only lightweight and non-sticky, but it also provides intensive care from deep within your skin???s layers.

    3. Do I need to use a serum and a moisturizer both?

    Yes, you need a serum and a moisturizer both to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

    4. Do you wash-off face serum?

    Yes, you need to wash off the face serum.

    5. How long should you wait between a serum and a moisturizer?

    The thumb rule is to keep a gap of at least one minute between applying a serum and a moisturizer.

    6. How often should you use a face serum?

    You can use a serum twice daily; once in the morning after cleansing your face and just before applying your day cream and once in the night.

    7. Can I use a serum without a toner?

    Yes, you can use a serum without a toner. Just remember to keep your skin type in mind.

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