Overnight Glow Night Cream

60 gm

For Youthful, Glowing Skin
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  • Replenishes skin moisture overnight
  • Non-oily night cream that removes dullness, dark spots, dullness and uneven skin tone
  • Developed by dermatologists
  • Ingredients: Niacinamide, Shea Butter & Vitamin E
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Provides intense moisturization and care to skin
  • Oxygen boost complex enhances oxygen in skin cells
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  • Get youthful, glowing skin in 7 days with Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Night Cream. This night cream for oily skin has a micro-circulation complex that gives you a youthful glow by enhancing oxygen supply to your skin cells.
    Kaya Youth Brightening Night Cream has been specially developed by dermatologists who are trusted International Skincare Experts. Oxygen is essential for your skin health & to keep skin cells energized. With time, the supply of oxygen to your skin cells drops by almost 25%. Dullness, dark spots and dark patches are often the first few signs of this. Your skin needs a little more than your regular skincare and adding a boost of oxygen will make it stay youthful and glowing.
    Youthful & glowing skin is now yours with Kaya Youth Oxy- Infusion Night Cream.
    Kaya Youth Night Cream for women works overnight to replenish skin moisture. This night cream for oily skin removes dullness, dark spots, uneven skin tone and repairs skin damage to give you healthy, youthful glowing skin. It ensures that you wake up with a morning glow every day.
    Also try out other oxygen boosting products in the Oxy-infusion range for a complete skin glow regimen. Add Kaya Youth face wash Day cream for oily skin and Face wipes as your skin glow essentials & Kaya Youth Oxy-Infusion Face Serum and Face Scrub for oily skin to get an advanced glow with care.
    You can explore our combos and offers on night care products dark circles products and dull skin products. We have an answer for all your skin concerns

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    Uncover a glow like never before!


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    Overnight Glow Night Cream

    You might be tempted to consider that all moisturizers are the same and that you don???t really need distinct night creams or day creams. We are here to help you understand what night cream for oily skin is made of, and why you need it.


    Night is that blissful time when your body does most of its regenerative work. While environmental aggressors that you are exposed to in the day and even hormonal stressors can take a toll on your skin health, it is during those long sleeping hours at night that the skin organ goes into repair mode. Your body produces melatonin and collagen at night. The former is an antioxidant and has anti-ageing properties, while the latter minimises fine lines. Additionally, when you are asleep and relaxed, the level of the stress hormone called cortisol falls as well. All of these factors promote skin repair and regeneration.


    A night cream can accelerate this natural regeneration process of the skin. It can help your skin make the most of this restful and healing time and is essential for improving and maintaining the quality of your skin.


    When it comes to skin health, it is crucial to stay at the top of your skincare game and never settle for less. Compromising on the quality of your night cream for oily skin will only end up damaging your skin further and hampering the natural overnight repair work. If you have dry or sensitive skin, then a moisture-rich overnight cream is good for you. But if you have oily skin, then it becomes all the more critical to include this step in your nighttime routine - and for that, you need an overnight cream that not only combats but also prevents any oily-skin concerns like dark spots, acne, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, and so on.

    Try the Overnight Glow Night Cream by Kaya Youth. It is a night cream for oily skin, which will take care of all these skin concerns and also give your skin a good dose of oxygen for optimal overnight repair work!


    There are many benefits of using the Overnight Glow Cream by Kaya Youth in your daily nighttime skincare routine. Here???s what this night cream for oily skin can do for you -

    1. Provides intensive care

    This Kaya night cream doesn???t just stop at regular skincare, it goes that extra mile. The Overnight Glow Night Cream for oily skin is developed by dermatologists, and its advanced formula is designed to repair damages, give plenty of nourishment and provide intensive care to the skin - all while you are asleep!

    2. Combats oily skin concerns

    This is a night cream specially designed for oily skin. It does suit all skin types, but when dabbed on oily skin, it eradicates all your concerns making sure you never have to worry about dullness, dark spots, uneven skin tone, or worse, ACNE!

    3. Preps your skin for the day ahead

    This Kaya night cream works hard overnight to nurse your skin, repair damage that invariably occurs during the day. In a way, it soothes your skin with a gentle caressing hug and tucks your skin in for a good night???s sleep. It literally preps your skin for the new day ahead, so get ready to wake up with a morning glow each day!

    4. Boosts oxygen

    This night cream for oily skin comes with a micro-circulation complex that goes into the deeper layers of the skin and enhances the oxygen supply in every skin cell. Oxygen is an absolute essential when it comes to skincare. As we grow older, the oxygen levels in the skin naturally begin to drop - causing a spike in many visible skin concerns like dullness, uneven tone, adult acne breakouts, dark patches, and more. So a good dose of oxygen each night with the Kaya night cream will restore the glow and make your skin healthy and radiant.


    Putting on this Kaya brightening night cream is pretty straightforward. It is non-oily, so it does not feel sticky on the skin and is easy to spread. Take a look at these tips to help you maximise its benefits -

        ??? Remove your make-up first: No matter how tedious it is, you need to first wipe off your make-up. If not removed completely, you will be clogging your pores and inviting a host of skin concerns.

        ??? Wash your face: Your night skincare routine is never just about removing make-up. The next step is to wash your face thoroughly to ensure that there???s no residual dirt, oil, and make-up still stuck on your skin. So wash your face using a     hydrating face wash, and you???re now ready for the night cream.

        ??? Apply night cream gently: Now that the make-up is off and you have cleansed your face, it is time to apply this night cream for oily skin. Take a coin-sized amount in your palm, gently apply on the face, and massage it in. You???re good     to go! Say goodnight to your skin!


    This Kaya night cream is best applied before bed as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine. It will help your skin do its overnight repair work more effectively and ensure that you wake up with a healthy glow in the morning each day!


    This Kaya cream is priced very affordably. The Overnight Glow Night Cream (60 gm) is priced at MRP ???299. Order it today - your everyday morning glow awaits you!

    Along with this night cream for dry skin, also explore other Kaya products such as Kaya brightening day cream and hand cream, eye care products, dark circles products, Kaya cleanser, and more!


    1. Can I use this cream during the day?

    This is an overnight cream, which means it needs to be applied at night just before bed for the best results.

    2. Is it OK to use this night cream without removing my make-up?

    That is an absolute no. Not removing your make-up will only create a sticky mess on the face and harm the skin. Make sure you wipe off your make-up entirely and cleanse your face thoroughly before you apply your overnight cream.

    3. Is this night cream dermat-tested?

    Yes, the Kaya brightening night cream is not only dermat-tested but has been developed by leading dermatologists and international skincare experts themselves.

    4. Do I need a night cream?

    You sure do. Since skincare routine is all about preventing skin from dark spots, premature ageing, and other forms of damages, a night cream will replenish your skin???s moisture and keep others forms of skin woes at bay.

    5. What are the benefits of a night cream?

    The benefits of a night cream are:

        ??? It supplies ample moisture to the dry areas of your face

        ??? It ensures skin has a firmer texture

        ??? It boosts the collagen production in your skin

        ??? It soothes and repairs the facial skin

    6. Which is the best night cream for glowing skin?

    The Kaya night cream is the best night cream for glowing skin.

    7. What to apply on skin before sleeping?

    Since night is the best time when your skin undergoes a full healing process, the Kaya night cream can be your best pick to apply on your face before sleeping. It is developed by expert dermatologists to skin repair damages, while also provide plenty of nourishment and intensive care to your skin.

    8. Does night cream really work?

    Definitely! As you are out all day long, your skin is exposed to all kinds of oxidative stressors such as pollution, dirt and other impurities. A night cream helps to rehydrate and retain skin???s natural oils.

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