Uneven Skin Tone & Pigmentation

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Uneven Skin Tone & Pigmentation


Uneven skin tone and pigmentation can be pretty annoying. Imagine waking up, trying to get done with your daily skincare chores, when you chance upon to find your reflection marred with ugly patches. Feels displeasing, right? Besides, bad skin texture is very easy to notice. But, don’t feel let down. With the right preventive measures and uneven skin tone products, improving your skin texture will be a breeze.

Use the right skincare products

Have you heard this popular maxim – “all's well that ends well”? We will help you apply it, by assisting you in choosing skin pigmentation products beneficial for your uneven skin tone. At Kaya Youth, we give you absolute skin health advice with skincare products specially crafted by dermats to suit your skin type. So, without much ado, browse through our wide range of uneven skin tone products and treat yourself to skin that feels soft, smooth and looks fresh and bright. Here is a curated list of the top skin pigmentation products, solely meant to remedy your pigmentation and uneven skin tone woes.

Oxygen Boost Day Cream: With age, the oxygen levels in the skin cells droop down to 25%. This can depreciate your skin health and make it look lackluster, dull, and prone to dark patches. But fret now! There’s a solution for this. This pigmentation skin cream will enhance the oxygen supply to your skin cells and give you a youthful glow. Not only that, but it will also cure pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and dark spots, making it one of the best uneven skin tone products in your skincare arsenal. It is non-oily and is suitable for all skin types. Moreover, this uneven skin tone cream contains SPF 15 that protects your skin against the harmful effects of UV rays and prevents ageing.

Healthy Glow Face Serum: Typically, a serum is considered to be one of the best skin pigmentation products. Such is this dermat-crafted face serum from Kaya. Not only does it treat dark spots on the face, but it also helps reduce uneven skin tone, dark patches, and dullness. Its lightweight and quick-absorbing solution penetrates quickly into your skin layers to boost the oxygen supply to your skin cells. This, in turn, revives your skin’s smoothness and youthful glow. Additionally, the infusion of evodia fruit extracts, niacinamide, and vitamin E helps strengthen the moisture barrier of your skin and provides intensive care. What’s more? It’s non-oily and appropriate for all skin types. You can either use it solely as a pigmentation skin cream or use it as a base and then lather on a day cream to reap maximum benefits.

Overnight Glow Night Cream: When it comes to uneven skin tone products, an overnight cream is a must-have. Kaya Youth’s night cream is dermat-developed using shea butter, niacinamide, and vitamin E. These active ingredients in this uneven skin tone cream fight dullness, dark spots, dark patches, and uneven skin tone. Furthermore, this pigmentation skin cream enhances the supply of oxygen in your skin cells and replenishes your skin moisture overnight. Its non-oily formulation makes it safe for every skin type, while also ensuring that your skin stays hydrated throughout the night.

Brightening Face Mask: Looking for a pigmentation skin cream? Instead, why not opt for a face mask that will give you results in 15 minutes! Try this brightening sheet mask loaded with arbutin and witch hazel extracts from Kaya Youth that has been specifically developed by dermats to give intensely hydrated and glowing skin. You can definitely count on this sheet mask as one of the best uneven skin tone products because it not only brightens your skin tone, but also removes dullness. Oh, and it’s completely free from paraben and is safe for all skin types.

Now that you know the various skin pigmentation products, pick them right away to combat your skin concerns. You can go through the list below and choose the best pigmentation skin cream available online from Kaya Youth.

Oxygen Boost Day Cream (50 gm)


Healthy Glow Face Serum (50 ml)


Overnight Glow Night Cream (60 gm)


Brightening Face Mask (Pack of 2)


Frequently asked questions

1. Which is the best cream for uneven skin tone?

To cure uneven skin tone, you can use Kaya Youth’s Overnight Glow Night Cream. It’s dermat-crafted and contains shea butter, niacinamide, and vitamin E that helps combat dullness, dark patches, brown spots, as well as uneven skin tone just in seven days.

2. Which are the best treatments to cure hyperpigmentation on the face?

The best treatments include:

3. Does vitamin C help with pigmentation?

Yes, vitamin C contains the enzyme tyrosinase, which prevents excess melanin production in your skin. Additionally, it also helps lighten pigmentation.

4. Which vitamin deficiency leads to pigmentation on the face?

Deficiency of B-12 (cobalamin) and vitamin B-9 (folic acid) can lead to pigmentation on your face. 5. Which vitamin is good for the face? Vitamin D along with vitamin C, E, and K are extremely beneficial for your skin. These vitamins ensure that your skin keeps looking soft, healthy, and youthful.