Skin Relief Pre Mask Face Gel


Controls sweat & irritation
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  • Prevents skin irritation from face masks
  • Forms a thin micro shield between the skin & mask to prevent rubbing of face mask against the skin
  • Controls sweat & oil buildup due to face masks
  • Prevents clogging of pores & acne breakouts
  • Contains Super soothing Allantoin & Cica Extracts | Safe Certified |Contains No SLS / Parabens
  • Crafted by Dermatologists & suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
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  • Are Face Masks causing skin irritation ? The Skin Relief Pre-Mask Face Gel is a unique formulation developed by our dermatologists to prevent irritation caused by face masks. It forms a micro layer on your skin which acts as a cushion to prevent rubbing and irritation from face masks. It controls sweat and oil buildup and helps prevent acne breakouts due to the mask. It's a next generation face moisturizer for this new age where wearing face masks has become a new reality. It contains super soothing Allantoin and Cica Extracts and is free from sulphates and parabens. It has a mild formulation and is suitable for use on all skin types including sensitive skin. Face masks affect your skin in various ways like: causing irritation and rashes, causing acne breakouts or maskne, damage the skin's upper layer or just cause itchiness and clogged pores. The skin relief range works specifically to work on protecting your skin against face mask damage to keep it safe and healthy. Explore the entire Kaya Youth skin relief range which includes Ultra Calm Face Cleanser, Pre-mask face gel, Instant Cleanse Face Mist, Overnight recovery cream.

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    All Day Face Gel

    Make Sure You Apply This Face Gel Before Wearing Your Mask - All Day, Every Day!

    If wearing a face covering or face mask leaves you feeling uneasy, you are not alone. Since this new accessory is going to be a part of your lives for the foreseeable future, being at ease while wearing them is necessary when moving into the new normal. Using a cream or face gel in such a situation is vital because it can protect and neutralize the harsh effects of face masks on your skin. So, if you are in need of such a face gel, you???re in the right place.

    Why Does Your Skin Need a Face Gel

    By now, you are aware why oxygen is necessary for your skin health. And while the measure demands a mandatory usage of face masks, it has its share of cons. Prolonged use of face coverings interferes with the oxygen supply your skin needs on a daily basis. It can also expose your skin to a host of issues like acne, rashes, inflammation, irritation, or even dryness.

    When you???re wearing a face mask, sweat and oil accumulation can clog your pores and create a breeding ground for harmful germs and bacteria. And don???t forget the mask-induced pressure marks! This is why using a face gel is a must; it quickly absorbs into your skin and protects it from damage, giving you well-hydrated and soothing skin. But a regular face gel will not do the trick. The Skin Relief Pre Mask Face Gel by Kaya Youth is here to safeguard your skin against the ill-effects of wearing a face mask.

    What It Can Do For You

    The dermat-crafted Skin Relief Pre Mask Face Gel by Kaya Youth offers several skin health benefits. Here are all the reasons why this face gel for oily skin works wonderfully for acne-prone as well as sensitive skin and is a must-have in your daily morning skincare regimen. It forms a much-needed cushion between your skin and the mask, which prevents skin irritation and acne by reducing friction.

    1. Protects your skin

    If you are suffering from oily skin issues, this face gel for oily skin can be your savior. Its lightweight texture and fast-absorbing formula seep quickly into your epidermis to provide instant nourishment. Use it before wearing the face mask, as it will act as a protective layer between your skin and face mask and prevent mask-induced lesions and pressure marks.

    2. Keeps excess sweat at bay

    Enriched with Allantoin and Cica extracts, this face gel for oily skin makes the best product to drive irritation and excess oiliness at bay. It helps control the sweat build-up, which in turn prevents the chances of acne. Apply it before donning a face mask to soothe your skin and avert the odds that could wreak havoc on your skin.

    3. Delivers extra care than your regular skincare

    When you are dealing with oily skin concerns, the least you want to do is use a product that can make your skin issues much worse. This face gel for oily skin is exactly what you need when it comes to coping with sensitive skin issues. It does not contain SLS and parabens and is suitable for all skin types. The best part is, its unique skin-healing formula drastically improves skin health.

    Application Tricks and Tips

    Applying this face gel for acne is pretty basic. Owing to its lightweight formulation, this Kaya face gel-cream spreads evenly on the skin and doesn???t feel greasy. Take a look at these few tips to get the best results.

    Apply evenly: Take a dime-sized amount of this face gel in your palm and gently apply it all over your face. Spread it evenly, then massage in light circular motions. This will ensure that the gel seeps completely into your skin layers.

    Apply before putting on make-up: The first step in your daily skincare regime should be to apply this face gel without fail. Using it both before putting on a mask and wearing make-up will protect your skin from irritation and the harsh chemicals in your make-up.

    Best Time to Apply It

    The best time to apply this face gel for acne is right before wearing a mask. Since it is lightweight, it won???t make your face feel sticky and will prepare your skin for the rest of the day. It is your skin???s ranger whenever you???re about to step out for the day.

    Accessible and Affordable

    This Kaya face gel for oily skin is priced at wonderful rates. The Skin Relief Pre Mask Face Gel is available at an affordable rate of ???499. So, order it today and bid farewell to skin rashes and acne!

    You can also check out our other skin relief products such as the Kaya face mist, face mist spray, and a wide variety of other acne treatment products and uneven skin tone products such as a brightening face mask, hydrating face mask, and much more in our Shop section!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is a face gel?

    A face gel is usually a water-based cream that is lightweight in texture and easily absorbs into the skin. Moreover, it contains fewer oils and emollients than moisturizers.

    2. What is the use of a face gel?

    A face gel helps treat various skin conditions such as eczema, skin irritation, acne, and sunburn.

    3. Which is the best gel for the face?

    Kaya Youth???s soothing face gel cream is the best because it contains soothing properties that relieve your skin from rashes, irritation, and also prevents excess sweat build-up.

    4. What is the difference between a face gel and a face cream?

    A face gel is mostly colorless and disappears when applied, unlike a face cream that usually contains a color base. Moreover, a face gel is fat-absorbing and is oil-free.

    5. Can I use a soothing face gel as a moisturizer?

    Yes, you can use a soothing face gel as a moisturizer.

    6. Can I use Aloe Vera gel on my face every day?

    Yes, you can apply Aloe Vera gel on your face every day.

    7. When should I use a face gel?

    You should use a face gel soon after cleansing your face.

    8. How can I keep my face moisturized all day long?

    It is easy to keep your face moisturized all day long. Either use a hydrating moisturizer, a face mist for on-the-go hydration or pamper your skin with a sheet mask at least twice a week.

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