Skin Relief Overnight Recovery Cream

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Reduces rashes & redness
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  • Soothes irritation from mask use
  • Heals redness, rashes, inflammation caused by face masks
  • Helps restore skin's natural health
  • Contains No SLS / Parabens and is Safe Certified
  • Contains Super Soothing Allantoin & Cica Extracts
  • Crafted by Dermatologists & suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
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  • Are Face Masks damaging your skin ? The Skin Relief Overnight Recovery cream is a unique formulation developed by our dermatologists to heal irritation, redness and rashes caused by prolonged usage of face masks. It works overnight to calm your skin and soothe irritation and inflammation. It's a next generation night cream for this new age where wearing face masks has become a new reality. It contains super soothing Allantoin and Cica Extracts and is free from sulphates and parabens. It has a mild formulation and is suitable for use on all skin types including sensitive skin. Explore the entire Kaya Youth skin relief range which includes Ultra Calm Face Cleanser, Pre-mask face gel, Instant Cleanse Face Mist, Overnight recovery cream. Let your skin smile under your face mask and keep it healthy.

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    Overnight Recovery Night Cream

    Adjusting to the new normal during this difficult time is sure tedious. In addition to that, prolonged usage of masks has become mandatory for all. While face masks help curb the spread of the virus, they bring a series of skin concerns such as rashes and irritation, making your skin issues much worse. This is reasoning enough for you to switch up your nighttime skincare routine and give your skin a little more care. For this, you need a night cream for sensitive skin.

    What Happens To Your Skin at Night

    During the day, your skin remains exposed to various environmental aggressors in addition to the face masks, causing a heavy toll on your skin health. Thus, nights are the perfect time to care for your skin as your skin undergoes a regenerative process to repair its damaged cells during this time. When you get ample beauty sleep, your body produces new skin cells to repair the damage caused during the day by generating a surplus of melatonin and collagen. The former is known to be rich in anti-aging properties, while the latter diminishes fine lines. Additionally, sleep causes the production of the stress hormone cortisol to fall, making you feel relaxed. When that happens, your skin automatically regenerates and repairs itself.

    Why a Summer Night Cream Comes Handy

    A summer night cream helps boost your skin???s regenerative processes. It not only heals your skin but also improves and preserves its quality. It is here that you need Kaya Youth???s Skin Relief Overnight Recovery Cream. It is the best night cream for oily skin that takes care of your skincare woes while providing a good dose of nourishment.

    What It Does For You

    There are several benefits of using this Skin Relief Overnight Recovery Cream by Kaya Youth in your regular nighttime skincare regimen. Here are some reasons why this night cream for sensitive skin can be the best pick for you.

    1. Quick recovery

    Wondering what makes this the best night cream for oily skin? This overnight recovery cream is twice as potent when it comes to repairing skin damage caused by face masks and environmental aggressors. This dermat-crafted cream, when dabbed on oily skin, eradicates skin concerns pertaining to dullness, lesions, and even inflammation.

    2. Soothes irritation

    Enriched with Allantoin and Cica extracts ??? ingredients are specifically known to heal and repair the skin, this night cream for oily skin soothes irritating skin and restores it to its natural health. The best part is that it is suitable for all skin types, making it the best night cream for oily skin.

    3. Provides intensive care

    This winter night cream by Kaya Youth goes that extra mile to deeply nourish and moisturize your skin. As irritation caused by face masks worn for extended periods can be problematic, the soothing properties of this cream provide intensive care while you are asleep. Moreover, it is free from SLS and parabens. All these elements work together to make this the best night cream for oily skin.

    Best Time to Apply It

    The best time to apply this night cream for oily skin is before hitting the bed. Call it the final step in your nighttime skincare regimen. It allows your skin to do its overnight repair work and ensures you wake up with a radiant, healthy glow in the morning every day.

    Application Tricks and Tips

    Applying this night cream for oily skin is super-easy, but you need to bear a few points in mind to ensure you reap the best results. Please take a look at these simple steps to attain desirable results.

    Clean your make-up: Removing your make-up can be a tedious task, especially when you???re down after a long day???s work but you need to do it diligently no matter what. Leaving make-up overnight will lead to clogged pores and invite a host of other skincare problems.

    Thoroughly wash your face: The next important step is to cleanse your face using Kaya Youth???s Skin Relief Ultra Calm Face Cleanser. Sometimes, just wiping off the make-up isn???t enough. You need a thorough cleansing session to draw out the stubborn leftovers and underlying oil from your pores. So make sure that you gently wash your face before slathering the night cream for oily skin.

    Gently apply the night cream: Now that you have removed your make-up and cleansed your face, you are ready to use the night cream for sensitive skin. Take a coin-sized amount in your palm and evenly slather it on your face and gently massage it in. Now, prep for bed and bid a goodnight???s sleep to your skin!

    Accessible and Affordable

    This summer night cream by Kaya is available at wonderful prices. The Skin Relief Overnight Recovery Cream is priced at a steal rate of ???499. Order it today and healthy, naturally glowing skin awaits you!

    Along with this best night cream for oily skin, you can also check out our other dull skin products and dry skin products for healthy and irritation-free skin. To know more on how to take care of sensitive skin and what products can address those specific skin concerns, try the moisturizing body lotion, hand cream, clay mask, and face oils in our Shop section!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the best night cream for oily skin?

    Kaya Youth???s Overnight Recovery Cream is the best night cream for oily skin.

    2. Does an overnight night cream really work?

    Yes, an overnight night cream not only keeps your facial skin nourished but also helps repair the damaged cells.

    3. How should I choose a night cream?

    Choose a night cream by checking its consistency and texture because the lighter it is, the more easily it will penetrate into your skin.

    4. Is a night cream the same as a moisturizer?

    A night cream is different from a moisturizer as it is explicitly formulated to regenerate skin cells and repair the damage sustained through the day.

    5. When should I start using a night cream?

    You can start using a night cream for oily skin in summer once you have hit your 20s. Moreover, you can use it at night after you come home and take off your mask!

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